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Book Marketing Idea: This is Kind of Brilliant, Actually

Posted on: May 11, 2011

Book marketing keeps changing, and genius new ideas keep popping up.  Here's one I really like:

"I need your help naming my new book…"

The link takes you to a video from a fellow named Frank Kern.  You may not know him, but he's pretty much the Lada Gaga of internet marketing. A real superstar.

Anyway, Kern's piece of book promotion for his upcoming title is so simple, so smart and so unique I wanted to bring it to your attention.  Go watch the video and you'll get a three minute masterclass.  See how beautifully it's shot, even though it seems homemade.  Notice Frank's demeanor (his pesona — which, by all accounts, is authentic —  is "laid back surfer dude") and how soft the sell is.

The end result of this little bit of book promotion?  He gets early buzz for his book, he makes at least 1000 people feel invested in the book's creation, he manages to get his distribution of teaser copies of the book subsidized and he builds a personal bond with potential buyers.

Think about how you can use this technique for your own benefit.

"I need your help naming my new book…"

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