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The Insider’s Method of Finding a Literary Agent

Posted on: November 2, 2010

Agents are some of publishing’s true heroes. They’re also among the hardest-working folks we know. In their honor, we’ve prepared a video that will help make their lives easier — and your career more successful.

We’ve got a little-known technique for finding literary agents who are accepting new clients, along with tips about how to research agents before you contact them – so you don’t waste their time with inappropriate submissions. We’ve also got some steps toward developing a respectful, professional relationship that can lead to representation.

The bottom line? Do your homework, get to know agents’ likes, dislikes and needs. Show that you value them as professionals and people. Build relationships and demonstrate respect for their time and their knowledge.

It’s how the top authors do it, and, after watching this video, how you can do it to.

Click Here to Watch the Video

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